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नेपाल सरकार

ऊर्जा, जलस्रोत तथा सिंचाइ मन्त्रालय

जलस्रोत तथा सिंचाइ विभाग

रुपाताल संरक्षण एकीकृत विकास परियोजना


रुपाताल संरक्षण एकीकृत विकास परियोजना

रुपाताल संरक्षण एकीकृत विकास परियोजना

रुपाताल संरक्षण एकीकृत विकास परियोजना

Kali Bahadur Shahi

काली बहादुर शाही

परियोजना प्रमुख

फोन: ०६१-५८४१४०

ई-मेल: rupatalsamrakchan@gmail.com

थप जानकारी

रुपाताल संरक्षण एकीकृत विकास परियोजना

Rupatal Conservation Integrated Development Project (RCIDP) is a project formed for the conservation and development of Rupatal through physical infrastructures, Watershed Management and environmental as well as social development of the area.

Krishna Bahadur BK

सूचना अधिकारी

कृष्ण बहादुर वि.क.


फोन: 9748421204



Rupa Lake or Rupa Tal is a freshwater lake in Nepal located in the border of Pokhara Metropolitan and Rupa Rural Municipality of Kaski District. It is the third biggest lake in Pokhara valley of Nepal and at an altitude of 600 m (1,969 ft) covering area about 1.35 km2 (0.5 sq mi) with an average water depth 3 m and maximum depth 6 m. The lake is elongated north to south and is fed by perennial streams. Its watershed area is 30 km², where the main inflow of water is from Talbesi stream, whereas Dhovan khola is the feeder stream with its outlet Tal khola at Sistani ghat. It supports a number of floral and faunal species. A total of 36 species of waterbirds have been recorded in the lake which represents about 19 percent of the total 193 wetland-dependent birds found in Nepal.